Sanctum of Eventide

paprikas-krumpli said: how to tame a pet? I have tame but i still donno D::

Get as many tames as possible. Done? Good. Now go attack what you want to tame. But wait! Don’t kill it. Just get it low on health, okay? Then in F1 view, hit 2 on your keyboard until you have Tames selected. Then click your mouse over and over until you tame it! Distance to the targeted animal doesn’t matter as long as you’ve got it targeted.



Please remember to keep yourself up to date on the Sanctum of Eventide rules and Sanctum of Eventide announcements to stay in the latest know and information! It’s important to be involved! :D

Disabled Anonymous Asks!

As only I, Kah, run the SoE tumblr currently, I thought it best to turn off anon asks. I woke up to a buttload of anon hate messages. They were not constructive. Merely “suck my dick” or “let’s fuck” and “you guys suck”. Your opinion is respected, despite its unnecessarily crude tone or language in a way meant to bully, or spread hate. 

Now the reason I shut down anon asks is not because the asks themselves bothered me, but this is the third day in a row that I’ve woken up to a buttload of anon hate and had to sit there and delete them; nearly deleting asks for my personal tumblr in the process by accident. 

If you guys have constructive feedback to offer, please do so, but it will not be under the facade that you are actually anonymous! Feedback always welcomed, thanks guys. 

Anonymous said: So, hey, just to warn you, a lot of people hate you.

It’s understandable that people may hate or dislike our server. We fully understand that some people do not like us, or goals, our server or how we run things. They are free to come and go as they please. But we still have loyal and happy members in the community who are content to enjoy the game. :) Have a nice day! :D


This is a reminder to take your help/questions regarding errors to our forum. Thanks :)

Anonymous said: Hello where's the download?

In the Download section.

Anonymous said: What drops with Eat and Drink me items? I can't find it anywhere D:

UHH. Cheshire cat I believe.

Anonymous said: Hey, is there any patches i need to download for sanctum because it says that i don't meet the minimum requirement for the game and i have no more videocard updates to do, which should be a way to fix this. i checked for updates at 11:00pm Central time, and nothing happened. I updated the game last night around 7:00 pm Central time, and fully updated the game.

Has your game ever worked before? (Also, best chance of an answer on the forums.)

Anonymous said: Are there any mods in the game?

Yes, we have in game mods. Not sure if any are on at the moment, but there’s usually always one moderator in game.